Discover Your Doshic Constitution


Take our Dosha Quiz below to discover your unique Ayurvedic constitution and learn tips to achieve and maintain optimal mind/body balance.


Dosha Quiz

In Ayurvedic medicine, there are three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and are derived from the five elements of nature: earth, fire, ether, water, air. 

To discover your unique doshic constitution, choose the best option (a, b OR c) that describes you and write down your answer for each question below. Then, add up how many a's, b's, and c's you have. Let's begin! 

1. My physical frame is: 

a. Slender, thin, lanky 

b. Moderate build with muscle development 

c. Stocky, broad, sturdy  

2. Regarding my weight, I tend to:  

a. Lose weight easily  

b. Gain or lose weight if I try hard 

c. Gain weight easily  

3. My body temperature is typically: 

a. Cold, especially in my hands and feet. I prefer warmer weather. 

b. Warm, and I prefer cooler climates 

c. Neither cold or hot, but I prefer cold, dry climates 

4. My skin is: 

a. Dry, rough, thin 

b. Warm, reddish, easily irritated/inflamed 

c. Moist, smooth, thick 

5. My hair is: 

a. Dry, brittle, easily breaks 

b. Fine, soft, possibly thinning 

c. Thick, oily, abundant 

6. My eyes are: 

a. Small and tend to be dry 

b. Medium and tend to have an intensity to them 

c. Large and clear 

7. My sleep is:  

a. Light and I can awaken easily 

b. Sound and restorative, and I usually need less than 8 hours to feel rested 

c. Deep, and I need more than 8 hours to feel rested 

8. When under stress, I can easily become: 

a. Excitable, anxious, or worried  

b. Impatient and angry  

c. Depressed, lethargic OR I am not easily affected by stress and am mostly stable

9. When I speak, I: 

a. Talk a lot and fast 

b. Am to-the-point 

c. Talk slowly and calmly  

10. My friends would describe me as someone who: 

a. Is spontaneous and changeable 

b. Is driven and opinionated  

c. Is a cheerleader and supporter 

11. My personality is: 

a. Lively, enthusiastic 

b. Focused, serious 

c. Easy-going, adaptable  


If you have mostly a’s:

Your predominant dosha is VATA, a mix of the elements SPACE and AIR. You can be spontaneous, creative, and energetic! But, are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or ungrounded? Suffering from an overactive mind, poor sleep, and/or constipation and poor digestion? Well, then you might want to take extra precaution to balance your dosha! 

Your key characteristics are cold, light, dry, rough, quick and changeable - like the wind! Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with warm, heavy, smooth, slow and consistent. 

Tips to balance your VATA:

  1. Restorative, Yin or slower-paced Hatha Yoga class

  2. Grounding breath practices such as balloon breath 

  3. Eat cooked, heavy, oily foods - no this doesn’t mean go at that fried chicken basket. Think: stir-frys, soups and stews, steamed veggies and the like. Avoid raw foods like salads as they can promote vata imbalance. 

  4. Engage in slow/moderate pace exercise/movement. Try avoiding those high-intensity workout classes, or at least limiting them to once or twice a week at most. 

  5. Perform body massage (abyanga) with sesame oil - it is warming and grounding.

  6. Drink warm beverages upon waking, throughout the day, and at night. Think hot teas - and heating up some Ayurvedic Protein® 

If you have mostly b’s:

Your predominant dosha is PITTA dosha, a mix of the elements FIRE and WATER. When in balance, you can be passionate, deliberate and focused. But, are you feeling angry and irritable? Suffer from indigestion or burning sensations throughout the body? Then you might want to take extra precaution to balance your dosha!

Your key characteristics are hot, intense, pungent and sharp. Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with cool, soft, slower, sweet, and smooth qualities in our everyday life. 

Tips to balance your PITTA:

  1. Yin, Hatha, and/or Kundalini Yoga 

  2. Cooling breathwork such as Sitali

  3. Eat cool, even raw foods: salads, cold soups, raw veggies, iced beverages. Try avoiding hot sauces, pepper, and other heat-promoting condiments/spices.

  4. Engage in moderately paced exercise/movement such as pilates or group exercise classes. Aim for two high-intensity workout classes a week at most. 

  5. Enjoy Ayurvedic Protein® mixed with ice

  6. Avoid caffeine and alcohol (I know, I know...if you can’t avoid it, let’s try limiting it, then. Everything in moderation!).

If you are mostly c’s:

Your predominant dosha is KAPHA dosha, a mix of the elements EARTH and WATER. When in balance, you are strong, bold, calm and supportive. But, are you feeling sluggish? Overweight? Needy, resistant, or stuck in a rut? Then you might want to  take extra precaution balance your dosha. 

Your key characteristics are steady, solid and soft! Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with energizing, light and sharp. 

Tips to balance your KAPHA:

  1. Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga

  2. Energizing breath such as Breath of Fire (If you are a woman on her moon cycle, only perform for 30 seconds or less)

  3. Eat lighter food in smaller portions

  4. Engage in higher intensity exercise/movement. Jogging, running, high-intensity interval training, and group exercise classes are great! Get that body moving! 

Do you have two doshas that are dominant? 

Work on incorporating the food, movement, yoga poses, meditation, breath work, and other lifestyle tips that are unique to both of these doshas. Remember, one step at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself with a lot of immediate changes. 

Do you have all three doshas as dominant? 

You are considered "tridoshic." Work on incorporating the food, movement, yoga poses, meditation, breath work, and other lifestyle tips that are unique to all three of these doshas. Remember, one step at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself with a lot of immediate changes. 

Simple Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips for Mind/Body Balance

Try these simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tips to strengthen mind/body balance.

  • Upon waking, wash your face with cool water and use a stainless steel tongue scraper to remove toxin buildup. 

  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 

  • Instead of reaching for the phone and checking social media, practice a simple yoga routine first: 5 minutes of meditation and breath-work (pranayama) and 10 minutes of asana (poses) or stretching. 

  • Enjoy Ayurvedic Protein® as a smoothie or use it to make protein pancakes for breakfast.

  • Set an intention before you eat such as, “I am grateful for this food, and let it provide me with the nourishment my body needs.” 

  • Take time to yourself throughout the day: set a reminder on your phone to stop and breathe.  

  • Try and cook fresh organic food as much as you can. Eat foods and prepare them according to your dosha type.

  • Before bed, enjoy an evening meditation, pranayama, and/or simple stretches. 

  • Say a gratitude statement, such as “I am grateful for another beautiful day of life.”  

  • Perform a self-massage, (or “Abyanga”) with the correct oil for your dosha type.

  • For a restful sleep, enjoy a warm cup of Ayurvedic Protein®  as a substitute for “golden milk” before bed.