Balancing Kapha Dosha

If your score was highest for KAPHA (earth and water):

When balanced, you are strong, bold, calm and supportive! When imbalanced, you can be sluggish, heavy & lethargic – and sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

Our recommendations:
Ayurvedic Protein® Dosha-Balancing Blend Powder in Unsweetened Vanilla Spice flavor

Mix 1 serving with 8-12oz of nut milk in saucepan on low heat. Once warm, pour into your favorite mug for a light, satiating treat. Breathe. Sip. Repeat. Take up to 2 servings/day. Can be consumed any time of day, especially between 6AM-10AM and/or 6PM-10PM (Kapha time of day).

Delicious Kapha Dosha Recipes:
Ayurvedic Protein® Chai
Ayurvedic Protein® Happy Tummy Smoothie
Ayurvedic Protein® Energizing & Nourishing Overnight Oats

Kapha Lifestyle tips:
Characteristics of kapha dosha are steady, solid and soft! Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with energizing, light and sharp. And favor foods that are pungent, bitter and astringent.

  1. Enjoy Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga classes.
  2. Perform energizing breath such as Breath of Fire (If you are a woman currently on your moon cycle, perform this for a maximum of 30 seconds)
  3. Eat lighter food in smaller portions – avoid excess oil and sweets!
  4. Engage in higher intensity exercise/movement. Jogging, running, high-intensity interval training, and group exercise classes are great! Get that body moving!