Balance Pitta Dosha

Your predominant dosha is PITTA dosha, a mix of the elements FIRE and WATER. When in balance, you can be passionate, deliberate and focused. But, are you feeling angry and irritable? Suffer from indigestion or burning sensations throughout the body? Then you might want to take extra precaution to balance your dosha!

Your key characteristics are hot, intense, pungent and sharp. Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with cool, soft, slower, sweet, and smooth qualities in our everyday life. 

Tips to balance your PITTA:

  1. Yin, Hatha, and/or Kundalini Yoga 
  2. Cooling breathwork such as Sitali
  3. Eat cool, even raw foods: salads, cold soups, raw veggies, iced beverages. Try avoiding hot sauces, pepper, and other heat-promoting condiments/spices.
  4. Engage in moderately paced exercise/movement such as pilates or group exercise classes. Aim for two high-intensity workout classes a week at most. 
  5. Enjoy Ayurvedic Protein™ mixed with ice
  6. Avoid caffeine and alcohol (I know, I know...if you can’t avoid it, let’s try limiting it, then. Everything in moderation!).