Balancing Pitta Dosha

If your score was highest for PITTA (fire and water):

You can be passionate, ambitious, direct and focused. But, may be more prone to anger, jealousy and irritability, and suffer from indigestion, peptic ulcers, excessive perspiration, hives and rashes. Then

Our recommendations:

Ayurvedic Protein® Dosha-Balancing Blend Powder in Vanilla Spice. 

Blend 1 serving with 8-12oz of nut milk and a few ice cubes for a cooling shake. Breathe. Sip. Repeat. Take up to 2 servings/day. Can be consumed any time of day, especially between 10AM-2PM (Pitta time of day). 

Delicious Pitta Dosha Recipes:
Ayurvedic Protein® Happy TummySmoothie
Ayurvedic Protein® Decadent ChocolateMousse
Ayurvedic Protein® Immune-Boosting Smoothie Bowl

Lifestyle Tips for Pitta:
Pitta characteristics include hot, intense, pungent and sharp. Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with the opposites: cool, soft, slow, and smooth qualities. And, eat foods that are sweet, bitter and astringent.

  1. Enjoy Yin, Hatha, and/or Kundalini yoga classes
  2. Perform cooling breathwork such as Sheetali.
  3. Eat cool, raw foods: salads, cold soups, raw veggies, iced beverages. Try avoiding hot sauce, pepper, and other heat-promoting condiments/spices.
  4. Engage in moderately paced exercise such as pilates or group exercise classes. Aim for two high-intensity workout classes per week. 
  5. Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol (everything in moderation!)