Tips for Balancing Vata

Your predominant dosha is VATA, a mix of the elements SPACE and AIR. You can be spontaneous, creative, and energetic! But, are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or ungrounded? Suffering from an overactive mind, poor sleep, and/or constipation and poor digestion? Well, then you might want to take extra precaution to balance your dosha! 

Your key characteristics are cold, light, dry, rough, quick and changeable - like the wind! Thus, to balance these characteristics, let’s stick with warm, heavy, smooth, slow and consistent. 

Tips to balance your VATA:

  1. Restorative, Yin or slower-paced Hatha Yoga class
  2. Grounding breath practices such as balloon breath 
  3. Eat cooked, heavy, oily foods - no this doesn’t mean go at that fried chicken basket. Think: stir-frys, soups and stews, steamed veggies and the like. Avoid raw foods like salads as they can promote vata imbalance. 
  4. Engage in slow/moderate pace exercise/movement. Try avoiding those high-intensity workout classes, or at least limiting them to once or twice a week at most. 
  5. Perform body massage (abyanga) with sesame oil - it is warming and grounding.
  6. Drink warm beverages upon waking, throughout the day, and at night. Think hot teas - and heating up some Ayurvedic Protein™