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Dosha-Balancing Blend powder (Unsweetened)


Our unsweetened version of our original Ayurvedic Protein® Dosha-Balancing Blend protein powder is made with love by an Ayurvedic physician for a happy body and peaceful mind.

More information below.

Organic UNSWEETENED Vanilla Spice

More Information

Our original Ayurvedic Protein® Dosha-Balancing Blend protein powder is physician-formulated with the highest quality ingredients to be gentle on your tummy. Three sustainably-sourced, fairly-traded herbs work synergistically for mind/body balance: ashwagandha, bacopa and amalaki. These, combined with organic ginger, cinnamon and turmeric to create a slight spice flavor (like a Snickerdoodle cookie!), digestive enzymes to help digestion and metabolization, and organic pea, pumpkin and rice protein powder work to promote:
*Healthy Weight
*Immune Function
*Stress Management
*Focus & Concentration
*Healthy Digestion