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Transformation Bundle

Balance, Wholeness, Health.
1 bag Dosha-Balancing Blend and our 3 best-selling ebooks: 14-days of Self-care, 7-Day Detox, &  50+ page Ayurvedic Living: The Essential Guide.

Detox Bundle

Cleanse, Recharge, Rejuvenate.
1 bag Dosha-Balancing Blend and our gentle, yet effective 7-Day Detox to feel reenergized and recharged.

Informative. Health-promoting. Life-changing.

7-Day Ayurvedic Detox Ebook

Designed to enhance our natural detoxification system and help eliminate toxins from our bodies, detoxes are helpful interventions for enhancing energy levels, reducing chronic inflammation, and improving your overall health.

Paired with the Ayurvedic philosophy of constitutional balance and regulation, our approach to detoxing focuses on healing and nourishing the body from inside out.

Ayurvedic Living: The Essential Guide

Feel better, look better, be better. This in-depth eBook teaches you ancient Ayurvedic tips, wisdom and practices for your daily life.

-discover your dosha type
-customized yoga poses, breath work and meditations for your dosha type
-customized plant-based recipes to balance your specific dosha
-simple & easy dosha-specific daily tips for optimal balance
(53 pages)

Ancient Rituals: 14-days of Self-care eBook


Self-care is critical to well-being.

Our best-selling eBook contains simple, affordable, yet powerful daily practices based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda.

One self-care practice is given per day for 14 days. Try all of them, or pick and choose whichever resonate with you. Perfect for those who are new to self-care practices and interested in ancient rituals that promote health and well-being.