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Simple Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips for Mind/Body Balance - The Ayurvedic Protein Co.

Simple Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips for Mind/Body Balance

Try these simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tips to strengthen mind/body balance.

  • Upon waking, wash your face with cool water and use a stainless steel tongue scraper to remove toxin buildup. 
  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 
  • Instead of reaching for the phone and checking social media, practice a simple yoga routine first: 5 minutes of meditation and breath-work (pranayama) and 10 minutes of asana (poses) or stretching. 
  • Enjoy Ayurvedic Protein as a smoothie or use it to make protein pancakes for breakfast.
  • Set an intention before you eat such as, “I am grateful for this food, and let it provide me with the nourishment my body needs.” 
  • Take time to yourself throughout the day: set a reminder on your phone to stop and breathe.  
  • Try and cook fresh organic food as much as you can. Eat foods and prepare them according to your dosha type.
  • Before bed, enjoy an evening meditation, pranayama, and/or simple stretches. 
  • Say a gratitude statement, such as “I am grateful for another beautiful day of life.”  
  • Perform a self-massage, (or “Abyanga”) with the correct oil for your dosha type.
  • For a restful sleep, enjoy a warm cup of Ayurvedic Protein™  as a substitute for “golden milk” before bed.

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