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How to Use Plant-based Protein Powder for Best Benefits | Ayurvedic Protein - The Ayurvedic Protein Co.

How to Use Plant-based Protein Powder for Best Benefits | Ayurvedic Protein

 Follow our 4 simple guidelines to get the most out of each scoop!

  1. Consistency is key, baby! 

Our unique superfood protein was designed to give you a daily dose of superpowers. Eat a scoop of Ayurvedic Protein™ every day, whether that be for breakfast, after exercise, or as an afternoon snack smoothie. Enjoy up to 2 scoops per day.  

2. Strengthen your agni 

Go ahead – prepare Ayurvedic Protein™ however you’d like. But, try this for a change: blend a scoop of protein with 1-2 cups of milk (we love it with rice milk!), and heat the mixture in a saucepan. According to Ayurveda, warm liquids help strengthen your digestive fire (agni) and enhance digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Enjoy this yummy warm high-protein chai any time of day. 

3. Make a daily
 ritual for self-care 

In need of healing? Who isn’t! Set an intention while enjoying Ayurvedic Protein™ by simply saying (or thinking) “I am open to healing,” “this is giving me strength,” or whatever you need. By doing so, you are sending forth a ripple effect of positivity and healing around you.   

4. Do the best you can 

Being human is haaaaaaaaard. But no matter what, you deserve to nurture your best self.  

Breathe deeply, go courageously, and love yourself unapologetically. Need a little support, a little pep in your step, a little slap on the tush to remind you how awesome you are? We’re here for ya. Follow us on instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for your daily dose of love and authentic positivity at @ayurvedicprotein. 


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